Smoothie Blenders

These commercial smoothie blenders have more powerful motors, run at faster speeds & have stronger jar blades than domestic models. Making the best smoothies require the higher speeds only found in these commercial Blendtec smoothie blenders.

Belndertec Xpress – a budget priced commercial smoothie blender packed with amazing features.

Blendtec Xpress Smoothie Blender

  • 5 pre-programmed cycles & pulse
  • A budget smoothie blender packed with many amazing features
  • Light duty
  • Includes 2 jars
  • 17.8cm(w) x 20.3cm(d) x 39.4cm(h)

Blendtec SpaceSaver – a superb commercial smoothie blender to make all your smoothies.

Blendtec SpaceSaver Smoothie Blender

  • 30,000 rpm
  • A superb blender to make all your smoothies
  • Crushes ice with ease
  • Heavy duty
  • Includes 2 jars
  • 15cm(w) x 19cm(d) x 43cm(h)

Blendtec Smoother – top of the range commercial smoothie blender with sound enclosure to reduce noise.

Blendtec Smoother Smoothie Blender

  • 30,000 rpm
  • Top of the range blender with Q Series sound enclosure substantially reduces noise
  • Will smooth anything from frappecinos to smoothies
  • Heavy duty
  • Includes 2 jars
  • 23cm(w) x 23cm(d) x 43cm(h)