Gaggia – The Market Leaders

Gaggia have been market leaders in commercial espresso machines since 1938. More recently they have also designed and developed the Concetto which is a commercial bean to cup coffee machine.

Gaggia machines are the most recognized in the UK with their trademark black D90 model. The machine has evolved over the years but it is still available today as the D90 Evolution which is a great testament to the original design.

In more recent times the XD and GD have proved extremely popular mid-range machines. Gaggia have also recently launched the LCD , as a lead in model, and the Deco as their range topping machine with an illuminated back panel and adjustable group head temperatures.

2 group versions of most of the range are available to view in our showroom.

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Gaggia TS 500 coffee machine
Gaggia TS Coffee Machine
  • 40 cups per day
  • Does not require plumbing
  • Runs on standard 13amp supply
  • 31cm(w) x 47cm(h) x 51cm(d)
Gaggia LCD coffee machine
Gaggia LC/D Coffee Machine
  • 125-150 cups per day
  • Entry level machine - excellent value
  • 62.5cm(w) x 47.2cm(h) x 51cm(d)

Gaggia GD2 Compact coffee machine

Gaggia GD2 Compact
  • 80-100 cups per day
  • Runs on standard 13amp supply
  • Small foot print for a 2 group machine
  • 55cm(w) x 50cm(h) x 54cm(d)
Gaggia XD Evolution coffee machine
Gaggia XD Evolution
  • 125-175 cups per day
  • Large boiler capacity ideal for busy sites
  • 62.5cm(w) x 47.2cm(h) x 51cm(d)

Gaggia D90 coffee machine

Gaggia D90 Coffee Machine
  • 200-250 cups per day
  • Also available in tall cup version
  • 89cm(w) x 44.6cm(h) x 50.8cm(d)

Gaggia Deco 2 Group Coffee Machine
Gaggia Deco 2 Group Coffee Machine
  • 200 cups per day
  • Top of the range machine
  • 76.5cm(w) x 53.5cm(h) x 57cm(d)